San Bernardino Free Food Sunday

Join the Movement: San Bernardino Hunger-Free Sundays

At Soldiers of America, we are on a heartfelt mission to make a difference in the lives of those who have bravely served our nation and their families. Our commitment to building a compassionate community in San Bernardino has led us to launch an initiative that resonates with our core values - the Food Drive Campaign.

Food Poverty in San Bernardino

Soldiers of America, devoted to ending hunger in San Bernardino, is addressing a critical need in a city of 223,044 people with a 20.91% poverty rate that is huge. Notably, 6,062 veterans face a 11.71% poverty rate. This underscores the urgency of our mission as we work to ensure that no one in this community goes hungry, focusing on targeted initiatives and community support.

Why Food Drives Are Essential in San Bernardino

San Bernardino, much like many communities, grapples with the heart-wrenching issue of food insecurity. It's a daily struggle for countless families and individuals to put nutritious meals on their tables. Our Food Drives aren't just events; they are lifelines. They provide nourishment, hope, and dignity to our neighbors in need. By addressing this pressing challenge, we are not only filling empty stomachs but also filling hearts with compassion.

Feed hope, donate today: Your gift, Their Future.

How Your Support Transforms Lives

Your donation is the cornerstone of our Food Drive efforts. With your generosity, we can reach even further, touching the lives of more families. Your contribution becomes the bridge between despair and hope for countless individuals facing hunger in our city. Together, we can keep the Food Drive wheels turning, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry in San Bernardino.

Let's Build a Stronger Community

Our Food Drive isn't just about collecting food; it's about building a community where everyone belongs. It's a heartfelt invitation to join hands, support one another, and create a San Bernardino where no one feels alone or hungry. Together, we are knitting a tapestry of care, compassion, and unity that embraces every member of our community.