Untent City Project

Untent City

In November 2022, the Department of Veterans Affairs published this good news that, the number of homeless Veterans has decreased by 11%.

Although there is a glimmer of positivity, there still remains over 33,000 Veterans that experience homelessness everyday.

The surge of homelessness in California has become blatant over the years. Unfortunately, many of those who served this country which they call home have been gripped by the claws of this epidemic and rendered homeless too. Its about time we strive to bring about change!

As evidenced, the building of traditional brick-and-mortar houses can be a costly and exhaustive undertaking. The Untent City Project has found a creative, sustainable and environmentally responsible solution to this challenge.

The project aims to develop a prototype community housing model by converting a 53’ trailer into four smaller, independent homes plus a utility room. In these tiny homes, tenants (veterans) can live in the privacy of their own quarters, enjoy homemade meals, do their laundry, find recreational outlets and foster social connections.

Soldiers of America is in the process of identifying church parking lots and malls spaces that have shut down. These un-used premises will be re-purposed as official grounds for these veteran homes.

In attaining this goal, we invite you and/or the organizations you work for to sponsor a unit- in whole or part. Your company will receive honorable mention on our media platforms. Willing veterans will be recruited to work hand in hand with us on this project thus creating jobs while alleviating the need for shelters. Soldiers of America in a non-profit entity and your charitable donations will be tax deductible.

Support Your Troops, Improve the lives of our Homeless Veterans.

The Fine Print

The Untent City housing units will be a complete studio with a private bathroom, full kitchen, storage, closet space and living/ dining room that converts into a bedroom.

These renderings (layout of the homes), and cost estimates outline in detail the project features. Solar panels will be used to power these homes and add to the grid. Basic appliances include a stove, refrigerator, and tank-less water heater among other equipment and amenities.

Involving our veterans will garner a sense of empowerment as they become gainfully employed, engage in teamwork and give back to the community.