James Irish

Words cannot express our family's true gratitude for the support of the Soldiers Of America Organization!

James Irish NSA Wireless Inc


I am one of the biggest supporters of SOA. Their work for homeless veterans is truly amazing.

Maria Y. Lemelle Founder | Platinum star Media Group


Christina went into partnership with Platinum Star Media to head over the Talent Management Division.

Christina Talent Managment

Kristen Thomasino

The Social Good Magazine has continued to grow into a vehicle for social good action both in print and digital.

Kristen Thomasino global humanitarian

Sergio E Knight

I don't have words to thank Soldiers Of America for all the help they have given me and my family.

Sergio E Knight Veteran


An award-winning production company dedicated to helping corporations use visual media to scale, grow, build awareness.

Regina Co-Founder

Xavier Burgos

A multi talented music producer who has recently made it to Los Angeles to put all his experience and hard work to the test.

Xavier Burgos Music Producer

CJ Strahan

I am a proud member of soldiers of america and i think the work they have been doing over the past 3 years has been very impactful.

CJ Strahan Singer/Song writer

Maria Y Lemelle

I am one of the biggest supporters of Soldiers of America.

Maria Y Lemelle Founder

Lets Change the world all together, join us now as a volunteer