U.S disabled veterans help with housing

The Department of Veterans Affairs are offering housing grants for U.S disabled veterans. They are currently serving military members with qualifying service-connected disabilities.

The two best-known programs are: VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant (VA SAH) and VA Special Housing Adaptation Grant (VA SHA). These both are planning to help disabled veterans with housing; buy, build, and/or adapt a home that will be the veteran’s primary residence.


Unlike VA home loans, these grants are not offered through a participating VA lender. However, they are directly provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Furthermore, these grants are not a part of the VA home loan program, they are entirely different from VA loans.

The veterans applying for these grants must fulfil the eligibility criteria, it is not open to all the disabled U.S veterans.


According to the VA official site, conditions required to qualify for VA SAH are:

  • Loss of both legs.
  • Loss of both arms.
  • Blindness in both eyes having only light perception, plus loss of one leg.
  • The loss of or unable to use one lower leg together with residuals of organic disease or injury.
  • The loss of or unable to use one leg together with the loss of or unable to use one arm.
  • Certain severe burns.
  • The loss, or unable to use one or more lower extremities due to service on or after Sept. 11, 2001.

WHAT VA SHA provides?

VA SHA grants operate in several ways including, disabled veterans help with housing:

  • adjust or accommodate an existing home the veteran (or a family member) already owns where the veteran lives as the primary residence.
  • adjust or accommodate a home the Veteran or family member intends to purchase where the veteran intends to live as the primary residence.
  • Help a Veteran purchase an “already adapted” home where the veteran will live as the primary residence.

Therefore, we are also providing residences for veterans, more specifically for disabled veterans. Soldiers of America is already providing houses, medical aids, financial aids and much more. Moreover, we are still giving our best to fulfill their needs.