Disabled American Veterans Fundraising

The states like Alaska ,Montana ,Virginia ,Washington etc have the highest concentrations of residents who served in the U.S. military. Military veteran refers to a person who has served or is serving in the armed forces. It also includes disabled veterans.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2019, there were more than 17 million veterans in the US. Around 6 million U.S. veterans had served in the Vietnam War. On the other hand, less than two thousand remained from wars prior to World War II.
After the Second World War, veterans’ organizations got the G.I. Bill enacted, which gave veterans key to free or subsidized education and health care. As of 2019, about 6.45 million veterans had achieved some college and more than 5 million veterans had obtained a Bachelor’s degree . The G. I. Bill also had a remarkable economic impact.
With the aid of the U.S. government, veterans/disabled veterans were able to buy housing and set up themselves as a part of the middle class. In 2019, about 8.1 million veterans, aged 65 and older, had an income exceed the poverty level. Moreover, roughly 494 thousand veterans of the same age group were living below the poverty line.
Veterans are often subject to illnesses straightly related to their military service. The percentage of the Military Disability Rating is planned to reflect the numbers to which the medical condition weakens the veteran’s ability to work. The higher the percentage, the worse the disability. In 2019, about 1.66 million veterans had a service-connected disability rating of 70 percent or higher.
Special governmental organizations and programs have been created to aid veterans.

Support for veterans

A 72% majority of U.S. adults said that if they were making the federal budget, they would increase spending for veterans’ benefits and services. Highest share of all 13 program areas added in the survey, except for education (also 72%). Moreover, the second-highest level of support for increased spending on veterans services since the Center first asked the question in 2001.
Soldiers perform their best in wars to serve their countries. Sometimes they got shot or injury took place which made them disabled. When they came back to their homes, they got no resources to survive in their condition. That’s why we are fundraising for such disabled veterans to help them survive.
We are also giving our best in this outrageous moment happening in the world. We are providing homes, shelters, food, medical aids, financial aid and much more. Our team is providing latest techniques like stem cell therapy for disabled veteran.
Donate us, from your little help we can save thousands of veterans from poverty.